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Online Social Shopping is the “Now” and “The Future” way commerce will flourish…

Posted by Racheal Mack on May 7, 2009

There is a valuable interactive social shopping platform available right under your nose, called, where you can actually add a ultra portable ecommerce platform on any social profile or site! You can even add a commercial, and customize your storefront, collect and invite friends, family, or clients to your “Shop it” community. This is going to become the norm, because alot of us these days, expecially the younger generation are doing alot of downloading ebooks, or ecommerce shopping.

I went into the Hollister Blockbuster last night and had a very thorough conversation about why they are going out of business. I only wish I had more money on me, because I would have bought duplicates of a number of recent blockbuster hit’s that were overstocked and only 3.99 a pop! They just did not sell, like “Semi Pro” or “Vantage Point”, knowing all too well that I would make a 50 percent profit selling them on my Amazon account. I remember just 5 years ago prior to the advent of “You-Tube”, or “Netflix” going to blockbuster was a Fri, Sat night norm… The attendee working at Hollister’s Blockbuster last night, told me that he has been carefully been watching the dwindly demographic straggle down to just older folks that do not go online much… My personal analysis and opinion, is that Blockbuster focused too much on one competitor namely “Netflix” which we see didn’t go over too well. Anyway, even big corporation miss the ball, because no matter how big you are it’s all about strategy and who is first to market alot of the time.

If anyone has any questions on how to use and integrate Shopit, and sell their goods and services, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Join My Social Networking Site!

Posted by Racheal Mack on January 14, 2009

Join My Social Networking Site!

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Web 2.0 + Social Media Marketing = Success tm

Web 2.0 + Social Media Marketing = Success tm

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6 Myths of Social Media Marketing

Posted by Racheal Mack on December 28, 2008

6 Myths of Social Media Marketing
By Dave Carleton

Social Media Myth #1 – Social Sites Are Just For Teenagers

Nothing could be further from the truth. While there are some sites like MySpace and others that were originally created to cater exclusively to teenagers, many of them are now attracting older participants.

And although there are literally thousands of social sites out there today, once you determine the goals and objectives of your social media efforts, you’ll be able to narrow down the list to a select few that will concentrate on your target market.

Social Media Myth #2 – Social Media is Just a Fad

When the Internet first arrived on the scene, it was all about providing information and selling “stuff”. And while that is still a large part, Web 2.0 is all about users interacting with each other and consumer generated content.

When 6 out the top 10 websites in the world are social sites and they are getting 1 billion visitors a month and growing, I guarantee this is not a fad. This is Web 2.0, the future! And the best part is, that you have the opportunity to learn about it and get involved in it while it is still relatively new.

Social Media Myth #3 – Social Strategies Are Just for Big Companies

The Internet is the great equalizer. You are what your customers and prospects see, hear and read on line. If you make great products or provide great services and you can reach the right audience through a compelling social media strategy, then your company will benefit with more exposure, higher brand awareness and of course increased sales.

My advice is not to worry about what the big boys are doing, do what you need to do to grow your business and believe me you need to be doing social media marketing. Social media is a great “guerrilla marketing” tool that you can take advantage of and start reaping the benefits from very quickly.

Social Media Myth #4 – Social Media Marketing Will Cost a Lot of Money to Implement

The good news is that creating and implementing a social media-marketing plan does not have to cost a lot of money. As a matter of fact most social media websites cost nothing to join.

Now don’t get me wrong, as with anything, you’ll certainly have to devote an adequate amount of time and resources to be effective, but in actual hard dollars and cents, your investment can be quite minimal.

Social Media Myth #5 – Social Media Marketing is Primarily Used for Finding Friends and Sharing Video and Photos

While YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and other similar sites are indeed used to find friends and share experiences, photos and videos, many savvy marketers are finding that they can connect with groups, users, fans and enthusiasts.

How? By providing free information that members might find useful or enhance their experiences. These types of sites should not be overlooked as a way to open 2-way dialogs with your target market

Social Media Myth #6 – You Have to be a Marketing Whiz or Computer Geek to Effectively Use Social Media

Once again, not true. If you can surf the Internet, buy a book on Amazon and read blogs, you have the skills needed to benefit from social media. Frankly, the most important thing you need to help your company get involved in social media marketing is the desire to learn and the time to implement some very basic ideas and strategies.

Now, are there more advanced features on some of these sites? Sure, but even those can be applied by just asking current users or reading instructions that many of the sites themselves provide. I’m telling you, this is not rocket science!

To learn more about social media marketing go to

As President of Street Smart Sales and Marketing, David Carleton has developed sales, marketing and training programs that have helped hundreds of businesses in 30 countries around the world generate leads, increase sales and enhance their overall marketing effectiveness. He specializes in lead generation and social media marketing strategies using unique low cost guerrilla marketing techniques. To download your Free Report “Why Your Marketing Doesn’t Work and What to Do About it” visit

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