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How to set up a social network on!

Posted by Racheal Mack on May 26, 2009

I just made this tutorial on how to set up your own social network on for personal or business networking!

Click Here for Tutorial


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Pre-Release Book Announcement: “Getting to Start!”

Posted by Racheal Mack on May 9, 2009

Hello All, I am nearing close to publishing my book this Monday May 11th, 2009! I will give 50 people a sneak peek of the entire book in e-book format May 10th, 2009 for one day only. Get on the list by sending me a request at:

Getting to Start 22

Inside This Book You’ll Gain a Professional Insiders View On…

Publishing Your Online Presence for Either Free or Very Low Cost!

Gain Helpful Tips for Design online content development.

Learn How to Protect Your Online Identity.

How and Where to Promote Your Business Online.

Promotional Tactics to get in touch with your target audience.

Find Resources to Promote Your Business Online.

And so much more!

About the Author:
Racheal A. O’Keefe-Mack is an expert at finding the right resources to promote both individuals and small businesses online. Her education and study of Public Relations/Marketing mixed researching hundreds of different resources and countless instructionals on the world wide web, over the past 7 years, has allowed her to discover the best ways to market individuals and businesses on the web. She recently left her fulltime Multimedia Marketing position to embark on her personal journey of self publishing book titles such as this one, along with other various marketing topics, In addition she also run’s full-time Consulting Agency called i Market Consulting.

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Sociagami | Fold Your Friends on Myspace and Facebook

Posted by Racheal Mack on May 5, 2009


Sociagami | Fold Your Friends on Myspace and Facebook

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Great CRM Site!

Posted by Racheal Mack on February 6, 2009


“Dex is professional networking and customer relationship management software for small businesses. Dex provides constant feedback to users on the health of their professional relationships through a contact rating system, and by monitoring how a person uses the system, their business transactions, and by importing their email and phone logs. Dex provides weekly status updates on important contacts, and reminds users when too much time has passed between interaction.”

sourced from:

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Stock 2.0!

Posted by Racheal Mack on January 16, 2009

“Real Investors. Real Ideas. Real Time
StockTwits is an open, community-powered investment idea and information service. Eavesdrop on what traders and investors are talking about right now or contribute to the conversation and build your reputation and following as a savvy market wizard.”

go to

sourced from:

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Follow us on twitter!

Web 2.0 + Social Media Marketing = Success tm

Web 2.0 + Social Media Marketing = Success tm

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Shopping + Green = Green Shopping!

Posted by Racheal Mack on January 2, 2009

To all of you environmentally conscious individuals and companies out there, I found this great Web 2.0 site for you!

Here’s an excerpt directly from

Explaining how it works!

“Green Your Online Shopping with Just a Click”

“With Green Any Site, you can easily donate a portion of any online purchase to the environment. It’s free, there’s nothing to install, and it takes just a click each time you buy something.”

A must see, check it out!

Web 2.0 + Social Media Marketing = Success tm

Web 2.0 + Social Media Marketing = Success tm

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