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Finishing up the last minute details of …

Posted by Racheal Mack on May 12, 2009

Finishing up the last minute details of my book, editing, tagging, pictures ect…

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Pre-Release Book Announcement: “Getting to Start!”

Posted by Racheal Mack on May 9, 2009

Hello All, I am nearing close to publishing my book this Monday May 11th, 2009! I will give 50 people a sneak peek of the entire book in e-book format May 10th, 2009 for one day only. Get on the list by sending me a request at:

Getting to Start 22

Inside This Book You’ll Gain a Professional Insiders View On…

Publishing Your Online Presence for Either Free or Very Low Cost!

Gain Helpful Tips for Design online content development.

Learn How to Protect Your Online Identity.

How and Where to Promote Your Business Online.

Promotional Tactics to get in touch with your target audience.

Find Resources to Promote Your Business Online.

And so much more!

About the Author:
Racheal A. O’Keefe-Mack is an expert at finding the right resources to promote both individuals and small businesses online. Her education and study of Public Relations/Marketing mixed researching hundreds of different resources and countless instructionals on the world wide web, over the past 7 years, has allowed her to discover the best ways to market individuals and businesses on the web. She recently left her fulltime Multimedia Marketing position to embark on her personal journey of self publishing book titles such as this one, along with other various marketing topics, In addition she also run’s full-time Consulting Agency called i Market Consulting.

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Online Social Shopping is the “Now” and “The Future” way commerce will flourish…

Posted by Racheal Mack on May 7, 2009

There is a valuable interactive social shopping platform available right under your nose, called, where you can actually add a ultra portable ecommerce platform on any social profile or site! You can even add a commercial, and customize your storefront, collect and invite friends, family, or clients to your “Shop it” community. This is going to become the norm, because alot of us these days, expecially the younger generation are doing alot of downloading ebooks, or ecommerce shopping.

I went into the Hollister Blockbuster last night and had a very thorough conversation about why they are going out of business. I only wish I had more money on me, because I would have bought duplicates of a number of recent blockbuster hit’s that were overstocked and only 3.99 a pop! They just did not sell, like “Semi Pro” or “Vantage Point”, knowing all too well that I would make a 50 percent profit selling them on my Amazon account. I remember just 5 years ago prior to the advent of “You-Tube”, or “Netflix” going to blockbuster was a Fri, Sat night norm… The attendee working at Hollister’s Blockbuster last night, told me that he has been carefully been watching the dwindly demographic straggle down to just older folks that do not go online much… My personal analysis and opinion, is that Blockbuster focused too much on one competitor namely “Netflix” which we see didn’t go over too well. Anyway, even big corporation miss the ball, because no matter how big you are it’s all about strategy and who is first to market alot of the time.

If anyone has any questions on how to use and integrate Shopit, and sell their goods and services, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Death of Television

Posted by Racheal Mack on May 5, 2009

Myebook - The Death of Television - click here to open my ebook

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