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Business Spotlight, Be Seen and Heard!

Posted by Racheal Mack on March 19, 2009

I’d like to get a chance to help promote all of you on here, If you’d like a business spotlight written for you, I have a list of questions you’ll need to fill out and email back to me, then I will construct a business spotlight based off of the info you’ve given me, it will be approved by you first of course prior to being published. If you’d like over the phone, that is an option.

Simply Copy the questions below and send your request to me and you will be spotlighted. I think this is a great way to share info and attributes about eachothers businesses, so we can recommend eachother when the opportunity is there.

This is optional of course but thought it would be a great idea!, and I am willing to take time out of my day to do this for all of you.

Business Name:

Your Name:

What is your mission statement?

What service/product(s) do you provide?

You can add anything extra you want to share about your business in this space:

Your ideal customer:

Give on or two examples where you were able to provide excellent customer service for a customer?

What sets your business apart from competitors?

What’s the biggest success your company has had so far?

What’s your sales/elevator pitch, if you have one? .

What has been your greatest marketing tool?

What are the biggest challenges your company faces in marketing its product and what are you doing to overcome those challenges?

A lot of companies are shifting their marketing efforts to online tools and free social media marketing. Has your company made this kind of shift, and if so in what ways are you marketing online?

How are your company’s sales tactics or way of doing business being affected by this recession and do you have any advice to other small business owners?

Any cost saving tips?

These questions are geared toward helping others learn about your business and the ability to learn from tips you provide about how you’ve had successes with running your business. Those who haven’t explored a certain portion of these questions, I hope they help you develop your business further.


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