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My #1 favorite SEO Firm

Posted by Racheal Mack on December 30, 2008

Hi All:

I’ve searched far an wide and found the best U.S. SEO firm,

This what they personally have to say…

“The Internet marketing industry is flooded with marketers who claim to be the best in the business.”

“Unfortunately, their vision, staff, experience, processes and results can’t always measure up under scrutiny.”

“A holistic online marketing agency, Fathom SEO stands apart from other search engine placement firms because we’ve learned to integrate critical online marketing disciplines. We support the specialization with outstanding processes that can help your business connect with new customers at the precise moment they are searching for your products or services.”

“Fathom SEO’s roots are in natural Search Engine Optimization with its core team of SEO experts, but we’ve expanded our services to include an entire suite of offerings that can benefit companies like yours. In addition to SEO, Fathom SEO assists businesses with Paid Search, Online PR, Link Building, Opt-in Email Marketing, and Online Digital Video Production Services.”

Find out more, go to


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