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Posted by Racheal Mack on December 28, 2008

Internet Marketing Success Secrets – Focus on Becoming a Specialist in One Area!
By Fabian Tan

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should diversify right off the bat or focus on one area in the beginning, then wonder no more. The secret to success is really in focusing first and diversifying later! Become a master in one marketing method and one niche first before diversifying into other methods and niches later on.

In many niches and marketing methods online, there is definitely some space for anyone to come in and totally dominate the market. Take article marketing for example. Most topics on the Internet can be dominated just by having someone come with in with a few thousand articles, perhaps outsourced to professional writers. Anyone can become prominent in a niche using such a simple and fool-proof strategy.

Why is it so important that you focus on just one area online? Let’s take Michael and John (no reference to real-live personalities). Michael decides to try his hand at pay per click advertising, article marketing and classified advertising all at once. He gets mediocre results from all of them. However, John decides to just focus on article marketing because he has seen results from it. So he scales up his article marketing efforts and becomes a master of that traffic generation strategy. Guess who is going to see success faster?

At the beginning, you will want to do a little testing of different strategies. But keep it to small tests only rather than full-blown marketing campaigns. Go all-out on the strategy that appeals to you and generates initial results for you.

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Article Source:—Focus-on-Becoming-a-Specialist-in-One-Area!&id=1820395


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